Pretty Little Liars - “Scream for Me” - 5x08 Canadian Promo (x)

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girls don’t like boys girls like Paige McCullers in tuxedos and swimwear


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Hanna in 5x05.

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Or buy a new do-rag.

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chinaemerem said: In what way do you picture A being revealed? and what do you think they will say?


This is a really good question!!!

I hope A is NOT revealed simply by some action sequence where they all corner A and someone runs up to them and rips their mask off. Whilst that would be cool, I hope it’s not some action scene like that.

What made Mona’s revelation so great is that Spencer actually WORKED IT OUT by herself. Heck, she even knew Mona was A with her back towards Mona. So she didn’t even see Mona wearing the hoodie and she knew Mona was A!

I hope they actually SOLVE THE PUZZLE, by putting all the pieces together and then they can work it out for themselves like pure detectives ;) haha
And then they can have a cool action sequence (or something like that) where they corner A and rip off the mask ONCE THEY ALREADY KNOW WHO IT IS, before taking the mask off.

I feel that’s the ending it deserved: they’ve been such good detectives all this time that they deserve to get one step ahead of A in the end by knowing their identity before a confrontation.

And then of course A will reply with some smart ass comment like “I can’t believe it took you this long to figure it out”!

Really good question!

…And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!

We know Mrs D hated Cece as we’ve seen in flashbacks; maybe Mrs. D hired someone to kill Cece that night and thats why she told Ali not to go out… as she waited for the job to get done, she saw the killer accidently hit Ali instead of Cece due to the yellow top… thats why Mrs. D freaked out saying “what have you done”!? And she proceeded to bury Ali because it was actualy her own fault. So she’s not protecting anyone but herself and that email is something totally different and is another twist the writers will throw at us.

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that didn’t turn out very well, did it?

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"Veronica is in Radley on hold. Just you watch."

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Ohhh shit! I would LOVE it if Veronica is in Radley.

Or if everyone on this show is actually crazy, so every time someone is in Out of Town, they are actually in Radley.

Paige McCullers + The way she looks at Emily

my gay little heart can’t help falling in love with Paige…

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This was heartbreaking.

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The Painting!

My favorite part of last night’s episode (5x03) was the part where Ali sees that painting in the Funeral Home and acts really weird.. Like I felt like it had to be somehow meaningful. So I looked up the painting - it’s called “Isle of the Dead” by Arnold Böcklin. 

I found an interesting theory posted by bllpll HERE about how it has significance in Vladimir Nabokov’s work (He’s the author of “Lolita” - Ali’s favorite book, and also an anagram of Vivian Darkbloom). All of that it interesting, and you should go read it.

HOWEVER! There’s more!

I just discovered that the painting was shown in the movie “I Walked With A Zombie” 

"I Walked With A Zombie" was the movie Emily and Maya saw on their first date. And then Nate gave Emily a "I Walked With A Zombie" t-shirt "from Maya’s family" in episode 3x04.

I have no idea where I’m even going with this, but I like all the connections. Especially stuff about Maya. I’d love for her to play a bigger part in the whole thing.

Has this painting shown up in other places on PLL?




This is the painting in the funeral home that made Alison upset. It’s called “Isle of the Dead” and it’s by Swiss artist Arnold Bocklin. I have no idea what the significance of this painting is… I mean, how did Alison recognize it and why did it make…